Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fighting the Winter Blues

Winter is my least favorite season. It is cold and long and cold and dark and cold.  Boys were meant to be outside and winter means spending lots of time inside. There's nothing as exciting to me than spring coming. However, whenever I look back at pictures I realize there were lots of fun memories during that time, even if they were followed by lots of cabin fever moments. And I am thankful for winter, because without winter, spring would not contain the same sense of excitement!

So here are some of our "keep ourselves occupied in the winter" activites... 

We take shopping trips to Asheville

And we get donuts

And sometimes we wear out our Aunt Devan too

We play with toys

And take lots of selfies

We practice our dental play dough skills

Micah works out with me

We make lots of hot chocolate. 
On this particular day, Micah told me, "Mom, today is a good day for hot chocolate!"
How do I resist that? 

We go the Bibi and Papa's house and let Uncle Ian serenade us

We watch Aunt Devan...well be Aunt Devan 

We dress up as Superheros 

We started having play dates at our house

So much cuteness! 

We went out to dinner with Uncle Ian before he left for his last clinical at the beach. 
When he finishes and passes his exams, he will be Dr. Youmans! 

Micah went exploring with his Papa

Micah helped me clean

We made bracelets

And I took more pics of this cute baby

We (read Micah) took out every toy in his room and then let Kade crawl through the mess

Micah almost got lost in the mess

We practiced our golfing skills

We started to learn to play together

Kade started exploring

More car trips

Who doesn't like popsicles in the winter?

I am going to pause here for a minute on this smiling face. Kade was really sick this winter. He had RSV as well as many viruses, and later in the year he ran a fever for like 10 days. I have also learned he runs very high fevers like 104. It really scared me when it started happening. The doctors told me some kids just run really high fevers and he is one of those kids. He wasn't sick the whole winter and we got lots of these great smiles, but I am very thankful that season is over!

Lastly, right after Christmas, we went to explore Devan's wedding venue! We took our team aka sweet friends to help us look at it and start making decoration decisions. 

And we finished the fun day of planning with lunch at a Thai restaurant. 
We are so thankful for these sweet ladies! 

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